Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up.

This weekend was filled with fun. Shopping, "wrastlin'", and ahhhh time :)
I can't believe that in four more days my life will be a weekend everyday.
Hellooooo Summer!

On Friday, My best friend K and I went shopping. I picked up a couple things from Forever 21.
I saw this top originally on Natalie's blog, and I was about to buy it online. I thought I would wait it out for my next trip for F21 because I hate shipping costs! I almost screamed when I found it in the store. I'm so excited to wear it!

I can't wait to wear this top. I love the sleeves, they flare out like bell bottoms.
I feel like I should be a country singer throwing my arms up and belting out a high one... 
Right now, I'm thinking I'll pair it with my white skinnies and a chunky turquoise necklace.

I was immediately drawn to these earrings because they remind me so much of something from the Neons collection from Bauble Bar. I can't wait to do some color blocking with these pretty ladies.

Saturday, Logan and I went to our old high school to support the football team (Logan played, and now both our brothers are players) as they hosted a wrestling match. 
Yes. A wrestling match.
Not a wrestling match like you'd see in school, but real, older men... wrestling. Think small-town WWE.
It was the craziest thing I've ever seen. 
Nonetheless, Logan was loving it. At the end he wanted a picture in the ring... Yep- that's my boyfriend.
Still laughing out loud at this.
And laughing at the fact that he keeps telling me he wants to pursue wrestling as a career. 

Sunday was rest.
I went to church
Ate some Zaxby's.
Laid in bed and watched E!
Shopped a little with Logan.
Had frozen yogurt for dinner. (Cake batter with cookie dough on top. Mmmmmm!)
Watched some more TV, this time Duck Dynasty :)
And painted my nails in preparation for finals. Yeah- you read that correctly.
(Nessa by Julep)

What did y'all do this weekend?
Let me know!


Daryl said...

1. Those tops are adorable
2. That nail color is also adorable.
3. I would really love some ahhh time too!

<3 Daryl
Roots, Wings & Other Things.

~Brooke said...

Just found your blog and I love it, its very cute. :-)
New follower. :-)
Also, you're very pretty.


Nicole Rene said...

Oh wow that dot shirt is so freaking cute and I need it...