Sunday, July 31, 2011

Home Sweet Home...

I'm truly sorry for my absence...
I didn't mean for it to be this long.

It's so nice to be home!
In my own bed.
With my own family, friends, and boyfriend.
In my own comfort zone.
But between the 3rd week long camp, random Dollywood trips, and baseball games- I've been a bit worn out.
And busy.
And not blogging.
So here are some pics from the last week or so...

{Dollywood Trip}
Went on a spontaneous D-wood day trip with some friends. Although the sun was blazing, we had such a fun time!

{Astro's Game}
Logan and I love going to Astro's baseball games. They are so relaxing and always a fun way to get out. Logan always buys tennis balls to throw onto the field at the end of the games- haven't won anything yet, but we are still trying!

{The Master's Inn Camp}
The Master's Inn is a Christian summer camp for youth in VA. Great fun getting to see one of my best friends working on the ranch up there. The spiritual setting was awesome too! Such an awesome week we had up there!

Now that I'm home, I'm trying to get back on track.
Tomorrow I sign up for classes.
I have a lot of crafting projects I need to start.
But most of all- I NEED SLEEP!


{Oh! And did I mention my birthday is in NINE days!!}
Just sayin'...

Friday, July 22, 2011

This quote:

This hair bow:

This jewelry idea:
{Going to try to make one of my own this week. DIY soon!}

This color:

This hair:
{Of course, I would NEVER be brave enough... maybe I could do this the week before I cut my hair?!}

This fun mani:

This song:


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

"You're my Prince of Peace, and I will live my life for you..."

Whew! I can take a breath again!
I'm back from camp and I'm exhausted {to say the least!}
But I have to say it was such a precious weekend!

Watching all those kids-
worshiping. encouraging. praying. loving.
All of these things, with all they have.
It brought tears to my eyes.

I want to see those kids live like they are at camp all the time, and the only way they will is if they see the ones they look up to doing so. 
Do I watch all my actions?
Do I have faith like a child?
Do I let this world shake me, when I know that I'm always protected by the Creator?

These lyrics ring in my head when I think back on the weekend. The kids sang this song almost nightly at camp. The innocence, the peace, the surrender in their voices tore me apart every time they sang it. 

"You are Lord of Lords.
You are King of Kings.
You are Mighty God. Lord of everything.
You're Emmanuel.
You're the Great I Am.
You're the Prince of Peace, who is The Lamb.
You're the living God.
You're my saving Grace.
You will reign forever.
You are Ancient of days.
You are Alpha. Omega. Beginning and End.
You're my Savior. Messiah. Redeemer. and Friend.
You're my Prince of Peace, and I will live my life for you."

But back home we are.
Safe and sound.

I'm starting my gym routine back up again tomorrow.
Going to try to check out a local production of "Hairspray" this week, too.
And still thinking on whether I want to go to yet another camp to wind up the summer.
{This would be the last one for the year, I promise!}


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm not going to be home for a couple of days, so Logan and I decided to have a nice night together.
The product: A candlelight Wal-Mart dinner and rented a movie.
This is why I love our relationship! 

Tomorrow I head to a children's camp in TN to be a 4th grade girls counselor! You can't even imagine how excited I am. I'm praying that God will prepare our hearts and he will give me the words to say.
I'm planning on basing all my devo conversations around these verses:

"...Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name, you are mine.
Because you are precious in my eyes, and honored, and I love you"
-Isaiah 43:1&4

May these girls feel loved, important, and beautiful {Just like every other woman should feel!}
See y'all next week!