Monday, December 24, 2012

that's how he came.

I'm back! And just in time for Christmas!
Is is just me... but I totally can't believe Christmas is tomorrow. It doesn't feel like time- I don't feel ready!

I wanted to share from Paige's blog. Another one of my absolute daily reads. I fell in love with the way she explained the true Christmas story. I could never have written this as well as she did:

"she was an unwed pregnant teenager
he was a simple carpenter.
he figured he’d honor her & go ahead and marry her
but divorce her quietly later.

she claimed she was a virgin
& that the Holy Spirit came upon her
& that she would deliver the savior.
the one they had waited long waited for to free her people.
no one believed her.
of course no one believed her.
what a scandal.
they thought their savior was to be a mighty warrior
that he would come to the golden power city Jerusalem.
Jerusalem was the holy city where the temple was located.
they sure weren’t expecting a baby…
in Bethlehem.
nothing good came from Bethlehem.

mary & joseph were traveling & realized she was soon to give birth.
it actually didn’t happen in a barn
it was a hollowed out indention in the mountain
where animals could hide for shelter.
there was yuck there, messy smelly animal yuck there.
it was not clean nor was it quiet.
it was dark and messy.
an angel shows up to shepherds.
shepherds were smelly & dirty & poor.
the shepherds were tending to the sheep
that incidentally were being raised and would be taken to Jerusalem
for sacrifice for people’s sin.
are you following this?
how amazing is that detail.
the first people that found out that their savior
promised about 400 years earlier
had been born
were the shepherds tending to the sheep
that were the sacrifice for sins.
yet HE was to be THE final sacrifice for sins.
i love that detail!!
the shepherds weren’t even allowed in the temple
HE came to them.
not in a fancy church with perfect pews & a steeple
to them.
out in their filth & dirt.
on a dark night.
THE light came to them.
majesty in the mess.
that’s how He came."

Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


taking a break from blogging for a while.
i have no passion to write. only minor things here and there, quite not worth the time to actually type.
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