Monday, May 14, 2012

pinterest obsessions.

Happy Monday everyone!
This is my first full week of summer and I couldn't be loving it more.
Starting the week off by waking up late, running, blogging, and relaxing (painting my nails, lurking on Pinterest, and watching TV) and sushi tonight with my best girlfriends! Speaking of Pinterest, here are some things I've been drooling over lately.

On the hunt for mint denim this week.
Lovin' this whole get-up.

Definitely doing this look this week with my Hayden polish. 

I actually bought something that I pinned. Woah.
I'm really excited about this purchase. It's my first ever with Miss Burch but I think we are going to be great chums- her and I. Tory and Tori.

What a yummy looking summer treat!

Ever since I got my Sideways Cross Bracelet from Derng I've been obsessing over the "arm party" look.



Gaby said...

I am also on the hunt for mint denim this week :) Going to forever 21 today, i'll let you know what i find! Oh, urban outfitters has some cute mint cigarette jeans as well. x

Allyson Butler said...

These are all fabulous. I have been eyeing those banana bites for awhile now...I'll have to make them this summer!

bridget anne said...

cannot get enough of that first shot. the mint pants...i want 'em so bad, it hurts! xo.

Sarah B. said...

I've been meaning to try that frozen banana recipe for the longest time!! Thanks for linking up!

Sarah said...

Can I just have your closet? If it's anything as cute as these pins, then you must have the BEST clothes!

Laura@Splendor said...

Target had some good mint skinnies! Love that whole look! And yes I'm obsessed with the arm candy look too!

Breanna Young said...

Love wearing a bunch of bracelets at once!! I think my favorite one would have to be the one with the word love surrounded by the wooden beads. Very cute.