Hi! I'm Tori!

Facts about me:
I'm a daughter of a mighty and majestic God.
I will never share my whole story. Big chunks of my life will be left out of this blog. That is left for me and my family. 
I'm been obsessed with painting my fingernails.
I wish I had the musical abilities that the rest of my family has.
I'm an Education major.
I'm as sassy as the come.
I spend Friday nights at my little brother's high school football games, just like the rest of our town ;)
I don't like Cokes.
I would live on Taco Bell if I wouldn't gain 300 lbs, and die of cardiac arrest.
I'm a sucker for a great wedding.
I'm a cuddler.
I love driving with the windows down.
I'm always cold.
I don't like anything that will scare me- movies, haunted corn-mazes, etc.
I was Editor-In-Chief of my highschool newspaper.
I still get butterflies when I kiss Logan.
I'm terrible at knowing street names and giving directions.
I get my feelings hurt easily.

My life consists of all these things

This guy...
And now, my fiance!
We have been together for almost 4 years. He is an amazing southern gent. 
He is everything I've ever craved in a companion.
He opens my car doors. He holds my hand. He lets me have his old worn out t-shirts. He pumps my gas. He puts up with my crazy alter-ego when I get upset. He watches chick-flicks. He gets me flowers. He wants to know my opinion. He calls me every night to tell me he loves me. He listens. He calls me darlin'. 
He is love, and all mine.

This blog is for me to document all the things that make up my crazy, fun, beautiful life.
Crafting, new discoveries, and date nights. Getting together with friends, learning about God's plans for my life, and taking it all one day at a time.

I hope you enjoy it, don't forget to follow :)