Thursday, May 3, 2012


Today I'm taking part in a fun little link up over at Long Distance Loving blog. 
The point was to create a dream outfit for the KY derby (I will be doing that one day, by the way. Promise.)

Hat: I started with the hat, and I will admit, I'm not in love with it. But it will do. I mean it's super cute with the bow- super southern and sweet.
Dress: I decided that I wanted the accessories to be the statement, so I toned it down with this beautiful mint-y teal-ish dress from Tibi.
Jewelry: Now to my favorite part! I love the southern girlishness splendor going on is doing great things. All the bangles are from Ms. Kate Spade. And you can't do any big southern event without a monogram somewhere! I've been seeing a lot of celebs with these necklaces. I love them, but I can't decide if I'd actually where one. I'm thinking probably definitely. This one is from BaubleBar. Which by the way, BaubleBar is a new discovery for me- and I'm diggin' their neon jewelry! Check it out.
Shoes: The sweet bow slingback pumps are from... Oh! What do ya know... Kate Spade.

But that's it. I've got some fun plans for the weekend. Y'all are going to flip.
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Emily Kate said...

Loooove this combo!!

Holly said...

What a perfect Derby inspired outfit! The hat totally brings it all together :) :)

siddathornton said...

precious & preppy! love the monogrammed necklace! :)

- l

bridget anne said...

i love this! my best friend up in wa is hosting her annual derby party, and oh how i wish i could go. this is so perfectly done. xo.

Julie Marie said...

love it...i sooo want to do the derby!