Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Julep Maven Box: May.

Sorry this is kinda late!
Actually really late. 
But I wanted to go ahead and share my little goodies that I got in my Julep Maven box for April!

If you don't know what Julep is:
Julep is a company that makes nail colors and treatments. All 3-free! I would compare them easily with OPI, Butter London, and Essie. Also-- Julep is now sold at Sephora (that means a lot to me, may or may not for you.)
A Julep Maven is a monthly program where you take a super cute quiz, pay just 20 bucks, and they send you awesome nail colors and products. Commitment shy? No problem. YOU decide how often to receive your Julep Maven box, and you can cancel at any time.

Now onto the goods...
This month I strayed away from my usual "Boho Glam" style catagory because I was loving the summer-y hues in the "It Girl" catagory. This box included 3 nail colors: Kylie, Ashley, and Nessa.

This polish is very interesting. I had never used a magnetic polish before- but I really like it. I'm still getting used to the stripes (which I do like, it's just different) I love that this polish looks just as great with the effect of the magnet as it does with it! The deep violet is really pretty and I think the magnet stripes look best if I do them on every other finger.

This was my favorite this month.Ashley is a really pretty bright (but not too bright) orange with a metallic/shimmer color. It is very opaque and thick. Two coats was plenty. I really probably could have just done one and been fine! Love love love this color. Definitely will be sporting this one on my toes while I'm on vacation later this month.

I have a love-hate relationship with this one.
The color: divine. The sunshine yellow with a metallic/shimmer finish like the one above is too perfect for summer. But... against my not yet tanned skin- I really don't like it. I know this will change, but right now it just isn't working. I'm going to try an ombre look with "Ashley" and I think I will love that. But until I get more of a tan- I refuse to use it on it's own. Sorry Nessa :( 

But wait... A special offer:
For the remains of March I have a special coupon code for you guys to use. 
Instead of paying $19.99 (what a monthly box costs)
You will get your first box for only... drum-roll please...
ONE CENT! (and shipping is free!)

Click this link, take the fun-as-can-be style quiz, and after that enter the code: SHAREONMAY at checkout and receive your first box for only ONE CENT-- shipping and all! $40+ worth of wonderful products for a penny? What do you have to lose?! 

Hope you ladies get to take part in this incredible deal :)


Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

darling blog! found you via the casey wiegand link up! the julep magen box looks so cool! it reminds me of birch box. :) thanks for the idea! i may have to sign up!

MissRockwell said...

I absolutely love the colors-especially Ashley and Divine. I think I'm gonna sign up and see what all the hype is about!