Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I think that campfires are arguably the best things about camping. Wouldn't you agree?
I remember being obsessed with campfires ever since I was little. What I can't recall is how many times my brothers and I burnt ourselves, or each other, while roasting marshmallows... Way too many to count, that's for sure.
What is it about fires that is so captivating?
Such a beautiful thing: orange, blue, and gold flames dancing around. But yet, so dangerous. So many tragedies like erect from it. Burnt bodies, burnt land, and burnt homes erect from it. I'm sure then, the beauty melts away.
It's things like tragic stories you see on the news, too far away for us to fathom, that make you realize just how small, and selfish, our worries are.
Of course, it's easy for me to say from where I sit comfortably, but there is more than things in this life.
I'm so blessed to have friends that make me laugh until I hurt, a boyfriend whom I adore, a roof over my head, and snuggly blankets to crawl under when it's all said and done. To have food in my tummy. To have two brothers that drive me bonkers and a mommy that is praying for me. Sometimes it's the little things.
But like I said, it's easy to say that from this comfy, not shaken in the slightest, seat.
Tonight, I will be sending my prayers to those that are uncomfortable. Those that are shaken. Those that are scared.  Prayers of strength and courage. Prayers that they will remember that God is mighty and in control- because he is, even when things get hot.


Gabby said...

I love campfires too! I really want to organize a camping trip soon.


Anonymous said...

I love campfires too.. Smores yumm :)

Lovely post

Erin said...

Your heart is beautiful :) I love reading your posts!

Amanda said...

oooooh i love campfires!! great post! xoxo

Holly Lefevre said...

Beautiful. I am and always have been captivated by campfires!Featuring this tomorrow on Tickled Pink!