Thursday, October 27, 2011

Guest Blog: Nicole from Running In Heels

Hey guys! Here is a wonderful guest post from a new blog friend, Nicole. She blogs over {here}.

Hey there, the Editorial readers! I'm Nicole, from Running in Heels.

I'm so excited to be guest posting for Ms. Tori today for many reasons, but one that is very specific:

I want to live in the South. 
And truth be told, I want to be a real, authentic Southern Belle too.
But, I'm not. 

I actually live up here in the Great NW where all the hippies live. And these aren't those cute, runway model hippies. I'm talking dirty, don't-shower-for-weeks hippies. Not as pretty, now is it?
But don't you worry, I am not a hippie.

No, ma'am.
I'm just an everyday wanna-be Southern Belle.

And since Tori is a true Southern Belle herself, I thought it'd be a fantastic idea to share some of the many reasons why I so badly want to live in the South. 

There are very few hippie/lazy/grungy people down there.
You see, I've had people tell me when they fly into the Portland Airport they become confused because they're not sure whether the airline dropped them off at the local homeless shelter or at the actual airport. 

Everyone is always getting their heart blessed. 
One time, up here in the great state of Oregon, I used the phrase, "oh, bless your heart" and the girl looked at me like I had lost my ever-loving mind.
I want to be able to bless people's hearts all day, every day without being outcasted.
Is that too much to ask?

Y'all say y'all.
I say y'all only because I purposely taught myself. 
And because of this, I regularly get looked at like I'm a lunatic.

Y'all wear dresses to your football games.
Shall I share a story about this? I think I should.

So I'm getting ready for a weekend getaway down to Nashville and then Alabama to watch the Bama-Kentucky football game. As I'm packing I'm thinking to myself, "okay, we're going to a football game. Let's not go crazy here, just take jeans and a t-shirt." And like life always works, my phone rang. 
"Hey Nicole, be sure to bring a dress."
First of all, I was fully planning on taking dresses, but why they cared that I brought a dress was unbeknownst to me. So I asked why.
"You'll have to wear it to the football game."
Umm, no. 

But oh, I did. And oh, did I love it. If I tried to wear a dress to a football game up here, I'd be shunned.
Shunned, I tell you.

You drink the best Luzianne sweet tea I've ever tasted.
The only reason I know about this fine crop of tea you all have down there is because I have family that lives in Missouri, and they drink it like it's their job.

Y'all can EAT!
Amen to that.

I want a true southern gentleman to sweep me off my feet.

I like their manners, and their back road put-some-gravel-in-my-travel way of life.
That deserves a big ol' AMEN!
And there you have it, some of many reasons why I want to live down south of the Mason-Dixon line.
But until I actually do, I'll just be turning on my faux-southern accent, saying y'all, and blessing everyone's heart up here in the Great NW. Oh yeah, and doing this...

Oh gosh, I'm sorry. Do Southern Belles not do that?
Well, can't please 'em all :)
Thanks for letting me steal your blog for the day, Tori!

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