Monday, October 31, 2011


Over the weekend, I...
{I'm going to pre-apologize... This post is wimpy...}
Made an beautiful homemade apple pie {flaws are what makes things beautiful... right?}
Played with some cutie-pie babies in the nursery at church
Watched a scary movie in theaters for the first time... Logan better know I love him now! :)
And the best part? I reached 100 followers!! {Well now, 103}
Thank y'all so much-- giveaway coming soon :)

Happy Halloween! What are you doing to celebrate?


Jamie said...

yay! congrats on more followers!

Britt said...

Mmmmm homemade apple pie!! Oh my goodness I can't believe you went to see that movie! I hide or leave the room everytime the commercial comes on!

Tonight I am just handing out Candy with "J," watching a scary movie (likely not as scary as Paranormal Activity) and eating pizza.

Happy Halloweeen!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween to you too!!!!
I remember when I reach 50 Followers, I was so excited :)
My daughter saw Paranormal 3 the other night, I don't do scary movies.

Erin said...

The pie looks amazing and that little tyke is too cute! :)

Stesha said...

I hate scary movies!!! ahhhh. That pie looks awesome thought! Happy November!!

Classic & Bubbly

Sam said...

That pie looks awesome. I have yet to attempt pie-making. And congrats on the followers, I'm still working on getting mine to 50!

Found you through Follow Fest, check out my blog if you're interested! I'm hosting my first give-away!

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