Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I finally decided to actually take a stab at a DIY I found on Pinterest!
This craft originally comes from A Beautiful Mess. This blog has some of the best craft ideas!
So here's my spin on a very inexpensive way to be a little festive :)

Here we go...
And there ya go! See how simple? Now go out and craft!


Erin said...

Oh this is TOO CUTE! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh how cute!

Nicole said...

i'm seriously kinda depressed i'm letting fall slip away without making all the amazing DIY things there are. ahhh!!

this is really quite lovely.


Simply Good: Cooking with Rebecca said...

It turned out great! I love the idea of stitching the leaves together with yarn!

Tonia @ said...

What a great idea for a garland! I love the fall colors! Thanks for sharing this at What's In The Gunny Sack!