Monday, October 17, 2011

{twelve by 2012}

After seeing this project on Oh, Hello Friend, I knew I simply had to do it! As an 18 year old that keeps a daily planner, I'm all about making lists and conquering them!

Here's my 12 things:
1. Clean out my closet. {This includes all my drawers and many shoe piles}
2. Lose 12 pounds.
3. Make and send out homemade Christmas cards.
4. Bake a "made from scratch" apple pie, like a true southern belle.
5. Make something from a Sweet Verbena tutorial.
6. Suprise the poo out of someone I love.
7. Go to kickboxing class once a week, at least.
8. Finish working on my re-vamp of the office/sewing room.
9. Grow the blog! My goal is 100 followers {gulp}
10. Buy a homemade planner for 2012. I have my eye on this one.
11. Participate in a blogging holiday gift exchange.
12. Make an A in at least one of my classes.


Jamie said...

Great List! This is inspiring me to make one of my own :) I need something to get me motivated!

HeyDahye said...

This is such a great list!!! I hope you achieve them. :)

Erin said...

Great to make lists! :) I have always wanted to try a kickboxing class! :)

Elisha Lynn said...

Hi! I just ready your feature over on Crafted Love. This is a wonderful list. I hope that you have great success. Nice blog!

Erika @ Rouge & Whimsy said...

hello! I just read your feature on crafted love and was SO surprised and thrilled to see that you hearted my clip... <3 you just made my day!

p.s. I'm your newest follower :)

Anonymous said...

Such a great list. Maybe i will try this for 2012 :)

Dizzy Lizzie said...

Well. Now youve got one more follower!;)

kinze said...

love this idea!

Erica said...

This is the coolest idea! Thanks for sharing. Love your blog. You have one more follower now.

Digger said...

Great post! I love the list... I think I'll be doing something similar. lol. I love lists! :) Love your blog too. Helping you reach that 100 mark, I'm a follower now too.

Digger ~xoxo~

jb said...

Love the list! Esp the homemade planner, I'm in the market for one now! I just got to the last page of mine and I was genuinely sad! ;)

I hope you accomplish your goals! Great list :)

Annika said...

I love this! It's such a great idea to make short term lists, they help you feel as though you got more accomplished on the way to long term goals!

A Sweet Release

Brooke said...

I think I just helped you knock one of your goals off your list! I'm follower #100! :)
Found your blog through the follow fest :)

Christina Clarke said...

Stopping by from Followers Fest. I love this idea it's great! I think you are going to edit your goals, Congrats on reaching 100 follower that's awesome!


Angel said...

Great list! I hope you achieve each one!

hannah singer said...

wonderful list! hooray for making christmas cards!

Joan said...

Great list! We have similar goals written for losing weight and for growing our blog! Good luck! :)