Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I.Tried.It- Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips

The Product: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips in Frock Star
The Price: $9
The Result: See for yourself... :)
I've been looking into these things for a while. The fun patterns were so enticing... I finally just had to see for myself what they actually were.
This Sally product is just what it says it is... a strip. A strip of tape-like nail polish.
The best part about these strips is that everything you need is supplied- a nail file, a cuticle stick, and the strips themselves.
The application, even on the first try, were pretty easy. Just place, rip off the excess, and you're done!
And no dry time! How great is that?!
I honestly love these things and I was tickled with the glittery results!
But- for the price- I'd never buy anything but a fun pattern. {They come in some simple shades, too}
They stayed on for about a day and a half- for me. Mind you, I'm very hard on my nails. {I've heard of most people's staying on at least 4 days... longer than an actual manicure}
So in the end... so pretty, but next time I'll need to be more careful.

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