Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Adult- I'm an adult.

What does that even mean? {Apart from being able to vote, go to jail, play the lotto, and smoke.}
The first thing I did today, as an adult, was register to vote. It was thrilling. I've been antisipating that moment since 8th grade. Haha!
I won $4 in the lottery, too- also thrilling...
{I was so upset, the cashier at the station didn't even want to see my ID!! I showed him anyway..}
I had a couple of girlfriends over, and it was so fun!
We laughed, ate cheesecake, laughed, snapped photos, and laughed all night long!
All my closest friends. In one place. One of the last time, before going to college & such. 
But I couldn't shake the thought. 
The thought that things will never, ever, be like they were tonight again.
From this point on- we will all have "baggage."
Whether it be intense exams and classes, jobs, and engagements {ok... maybe a little early for that one...}
But still.
It will be their. In every life. A different, but same time consumer that we don't have tonight.

I guess that is being one of the new aspects of my life- of being an adult. 
Knowing that it's not all fun and games anymore.
With freedom comes responsibility.
It's job then play, class then sleep, family then friends.
I never wanted to be that group of friends that only gets together, after graduation, at Christmas, weddings, and funerals.
Promise me we will never be that, girls... Okay?


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Melissa Lynn D said...

I just stopped over from Punk Projects, and after reading this post, I feel I need to give you some encouragement.

I felt EXACTLY that way in the summer between high school and college. I felt like things would never be the same and wondered if we'd all get together again. Let me just tell you - good friends will never change! Sure, we go on with our own lives, but we've always kept in touch, and whenever the ones who've moved away come back home, we make a point to get together even if it's only for breakfast or lunch. There are two friends from the group of seven who I have no contact with at all anymore, but looking back now - they weren't the true friends of the bunch anyway. The remaining five of us are still very close.

We went through the whole college/getting out in the real world before things like Facebook, texting, and Skype were around, so I'm confident that with all the new ways to keep in touch, you and your friends will find a way to make it work. :)