Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I must finish my schedule for this semester.
I must start finding school supplies.
I must make that necklace for my friend.
I must mail the remainder of my "Thank You" notes.
I must do the today's session of P90X.
I must start all those crafts I bought supplies for.
I must work my quiet time into my routine- daily.
I must stop hinting around to gifts I want for my birthday.
I must stop tweeting about them, too...
I must call my Mamaw and Papa.
I must clean my fish bowl.

It's very busy here in my little world. I just can't seem to stay on top.

Is this not too cute? I was sitting for a friend, today, and her daughter decided to get creative and make "Afro Woman." The finger-woman wouldn't stop singing Adele songs- which I didn't mind.

Working on a new body, a new chapter, a new school, and a new mindset.
Wish me luck!


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