Saturday, January 21, 2012


I seriously have never longed for the weekend more than I did this week!
School is back and in full swing.

15 hours of classes. YoungLife. Keeping up with Beth Moore's Living Beyond Yourself study {so much work, but so so worth it!!} Figuring out how to blog while our WiFi at the house is turned off. Babysitting. Working. and trying to juggle relationships.
Shew! I get tired just typing it!

Last night, Logan surprised me with a date night-- all plans made by him.
We had dinner at a local Japanese resturant {one of our favs!} and then he drove to the movies. I asked what we were seeing and immediately said, "It better not be scary!" He laughed... going on to tell me he was going to make me go see The Devil Inside. After about 5 minutes of me freaking out and not wanting to get out of the car, we finally went in. We got to the ticket counter and he said "2 for Beauty and the Beast 3D." OH MY GOSH! I jumped up and down like a kid. I was surprised and so thrilled.
It was a wonderful night with my more than wonderful man. I'm so blessed to have such an awesome guy that will swallow his pride to fulfill the desires of my heart.

This weekend, I plan on:
Getting in bed early.
Hanging out with one of  my dearest friend, Kristen.
Doing as much homework as possible.
And celebrating my Grandpa's Birthday.
ahh. Sweet relaxation.

One last thing: today I'm guest blogging over at The Presutti's. Check it out!
Love y'all.


Nicole said...

How was it in 3D?! I'm thinking of taking my best friend's daughter next weekend. She will LOVE it. And be careful doing all those Bible studies, girl. The devil loves to take advantage of us when we're tired and fill our life with doing things for God instead of spending time WITH God :) Happy weekend!

Brooke said...

That sounds like an awesome date night!
Completely know the feeling of trying to juggle all the responsibilities, relationships, etc. One day at a time is my motto.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Mrs. G said...

Hi there! I read your guest post over at The Presutti's! I'm a new follower of yours now! Being a "newbie" like yourself, I can relate to everything you said! I look forward to following you!

TaraR said...

I'm your newest follower sent over from Taylor @ The Pesutti's!

Lovin' your cute blog & dying to know if Beauty & the Beast in 3D is worth seeing and also worth bringing the guy to?

Eliza said...

We saw it last week in 3D as well and LOVED it! I'm excited to have found your blog - newly following! Hope you have a wonderful weekend :) xoxo, e

Eliza said...

P.S. following you on Twitter as well, I'm @TieDyeTequila! Love love love your blog!