Friday, January 6, 2012

best foot forward//

One of the best things, arguably, about the winter is the precious shoe trends. What can I say- I'm a sucker for holiday-hued heels and boots, boots, and did I mention boots?
Here are some shoes that I've been absolutely drooling over.
Anyone want to contribute to the "Tori Is A Poor College Student That Wants Needs New Shoes" fund?

I'll start with these. Because they are amazing, but mainly because they are my latest purchase. And I'm so excited. Obviously they are on sale- regular $36. So not only could I not pass up the price, but also they're almost a spittin' image of {these} shoes that I love from JCrew. Aren't they wonderful?

Okay. Now-  Usually, I'm not a huge heel girl. I will admit I have a mound of them in my closet, but all of them have probably only been worn twice, maybe thrice...
But with that said... i.need.these
Specifically, for formal. I have two dresses in order for the event, one of the dresses (a previously worn black, lace-y, simple BCBG cocktail dress) would look superb with them. I need a pop of color. They are begging for my money. Do you not feel them staring back at you with those puppy dog eyes?

First of all, I don't care what anyone says, or how insanely irrational they may be for everyday TN college student life... But Jessica Simpson has the stinkin' best shoes.
They are so glam. So killer. So everything I need in a shoe.
Although they are a little over my price range, these boots are major, are they not?

Alrighty, y'all. That's all my wants... For now ;)
What shoes are y'all craving at the moment?
Happy weekend!


Erin said...

Oh us girls and our shoes. Literally people joke around with me all winter because I am obsessed with boots...and I have so many pairs (all so similar to one another ha ha). I love these boots of course ha ha and the other two are awesome too! What cool green unique!

Noelani said...

oooh, I am practically drooling over the third picture, lol.

Elle said...

The shoes from ASOS are just beautiful!

Mindy Harris said...

gotta love old navy deals. i bought my daughter some cute flats for 97 cents! i have never gone into old navy and only spent $1.10!
also i love the green suedes. gorgeous. cute blog! i'm a new follower.

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

I got the booties in camel from Old Navy during black Friday. Love them!

Nicole said...

We girls need many shoes. I like the first one the most. Cute blog. I'm a follower.

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