Monday, January 9, 2012


Ever since I was a wee little tot, I always hoped that one day I would need glasses.
In my childish mind, I always thought people with glasses looked so intelligent, so sophisticated, so "look at me, I have glasses and I'm cool."
Secretly, I still want glasses. I've even went and got cheapo plastic ones just to wear them every so often... Haha! I think they are cool, but I feel weird answering the question, "oh, Tori, when did you get glasses?" with "they aren't real..."
But glasses are so "in" now. Tons of celebs are wearing them- {and not just the weird ones... The really cool ones, too} Like Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Jenn Aniston, Megan Fox, and even the Biebs.

So, that being said...
I was recently contacted by this website,, wanting me to check out their website.
Here is what I found-
1. Their prices are phenomenal!
2. Did you know that over 60% of adults wear eye glasses? Wow.
3. They have a good set up- organized and easy to use. And their price... Oh. My. Gosh!! They are unbelievably cheap for amazing {and even designer} frames.
4. All of their frames are so cute... I really want to need glasses :(

Here are some of my favorites online eyeglasses.

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iSee 009 Brown, $78
I love love love these. I like the vintage-y look to them. I know a lot of celebs wear these in black, but I think the brown is a nice change. It seems more soft and more appropriate for everyday.

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MG22 Brown, $85
Don't you just love these retro cat-eye glasses frames? I see these a lot in the blogging world. I really wish I could pull them off, but I just don't think they would fit my style, but I love any women that could.

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First Lady, $58
These are probably the most realistic eyeglasses that I found for my style. They are elegant. They are good for everyday, and oh-so-simple.

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iSee 025 Tortoise, $89
These remind me of a JCrew frame {if there was such a thing} I would definitely wear these for everyday, too. I think these are my favorites, and the price is very very reasonable- only $89!

You guys should really go check out the Glasses USA website. They have great prices and even better {and very fashion-forward} frames. Take advantage of your need for glasses! Hehe!!
Happy Monday!


Gaby said...

Ha, I'm pretty happy that i don't actually need glasses though i do think they're pretty cute :)

Tariro said...

I love all these pairs! I wear glasses, and I'm looking to change the frame of mine. Thanks for your lovely comment!

Melissa at said...

These are all so cute and the prices are amazing! I just got new glasses but am not sure how much I like them. I'm going to have to check these out. :)

Betsy said...

These are adorable! I just got new glasses from bonlook...have you heard of them? They're pretty fantastic. I'm in love with mine, but I really like that last pair! And I totally agree....they remind me of J. Crew as well!