Monday, June 27, 2011

Reckless abandonment

Today, I was given some news. 
My boyfriend of two years (...whom I'm madly in love with) told me he feels he is being called to seminary!! Of course, nothing is in writing- this is all brand new. But still, my heart could not be happier. Last week, He went on a mission trip to New Orleans and got to share the love of Christ. He came back and said, "Tori, I just felt at home. Like that is where I need to be." What I didn't tell him is that I prayed for him every morning while he was in NOLA. That God would do something major in his heart and that He would just bless him while he was there. Boy- what a answer to prayer!
Logan is an upcoming senior in college where he is majoring in education. Going to seminary would go against all of the plans he has made for himself. But it really goes back to somethings I've been reading in the book "Lady in Waiting." There is a quote in that book that really mirrors Logan's faithfulness to God's calling right now. 
"[He] wants God's will... His blueprints, not [his] elementary scribbling..."
How right is that?! How many times do we find ourselves stressing and struggling to "figure out" what we are going to do with our lives when, really, it's not even our lives to plan. God's plans are so much more complex and amazing, so why not surrender to a life full of blessings from Him? It's reckless abandonment- and Logan is willing to do just that.
Logan reminds me of Ruth. He is so close to giving up all he has ever wanted to follow on a journey with Christ ( NOLA- a little far from the mountains of TN.) It's all brand new and foreign. What trust! What strength! What bravery! 
Needless to say, I'm so proud of my man. Even while he is just beginning to look into all that this entails, I'm in awe at his selflessness. I can't wait to see where the Lord takes this. Please keep Logan and I in your prayers as he makes some big decisions. I hope that I can be selfless and support him in whatever happens. 

Cheers to obedience,

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