Saturday, June 25, 2011


On this day, two years ago, I entered a relationship that would soon rock my world. 
Ever since then I've had some of the best times and laughs with my new best friend. 
Now, I can't imagine life without the guy.

 I adore you. I never knew that I could love the way that I love you. You are someone who can make me smile when my world is crashing down around me. You are peace in a storm. You are a wonderful southern gentlemen and a true blessing to my life. You are caring and a great listener. Because of you, I feel like I'm becoming a better person. I hope to keep you around as long as I possibly can. I'm a lucky girl to have been able to spend two years of my life with a guy like you.
I love you.

Cheers to being swept off your feet,

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