Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In the beginning...

So here I am. I'm not sure if I should lay it all out there or let it out bits at a time. My life, I mean. I'm kinda new to blogging, but how bad can it be?
My name is Tori. I'm naming this blog "The Editorial" because of the clever play on words. :)
I believe this is going to be like an online memory book. Something I can look back on and smile at how far I've come, and how much fun I've had on the way. 
As of now, I'm a freshman (...well soon to be anyway) in college. I have a wonderful southern life full of wonderful people, laughs, and lots of lovin'. 
I'm a girl, growing up a little too fast, but still finding time to laugh along the way. To make it even sweeter- I have amazing friends, a comical family, and the perfect gentlemen to fall in love with all over again everyday. Of course, there are tough days, but with God on my side it's no big deal. His blessings are endless and it's amazing to watch the miracles He works around me daily. I just want to be able to make Him smile as he kicks back to watch and guide me through it all. (...After all, He needs a laugh every now and then too, right?)
So here we go! From here on out you will see an eclectic mash-up of all the experience, discoveries, (... and probably new purchases) I find on my journey! Enjoy!
Cheers to beginnings,

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