Saturday, June 30, 2012

weekend letters.

My dad caught this picture of the sunset on the way to Cali. (added some rough editing with a new app I'm obsessed with)
Breathtaking, right?

Dear Sun, 
Please stop making it so daggum hot. I can't handle these 100+ days. I understand it's summer and all, but it's not fun to get dressed when I'm trying to figure out the least possible clothing I can manage to wear for the sake of the heat without looking like a harlot. I'm begging you, okay?!

Dear FUGE Summer Camp, 
I'm coming to meet you next week, and bringing lots of friends with me. I really really hope that you will not be hot. I'm praying that you will be a retreat for the students and that while we are visiting that they will open their hearts to what God is preparing them to learn. See ya soon!

Dear It's The Little Things Blog
You're coffee talk blog posts literally have me doubled over every time I read them. I really feel like we could be best friends in real life. That's all.

Dear Julep, 
I really don't like you anymore. Wow- that sounds harsh. You're quality is getting icky and I'm just not as impressed as I used to be. Although you have great customer service, I don't want to have to call them as much as I've had to. As hard as it is to say this, I think we need to break up. And it's not me, it's you.


Samantha Green said...

that photograph is beautiful. i cannot believe how hot it is where you are, wow! i hope it cools down in time for your camp :) xx

Taylor said...

aw you are so sweet to post about my blog :) glad there are other people who are as crazy about reality tv as I am haha! hope you had a great weekend!

Gaby said...

Oh man, that is just too hot! Gorgeous photo though :)