Sunday, July 8, 2012

I'm home from camp! And it feels so good. We, my town and church family, are suffering a tragic loss of two precious boy's deaths this week. We had to break the news to the students while at camp, and although I have never seen something so sad, I've also never have felt the presence of God so closely. The students came together, leaning on each other and God for strength and comfort in their lack of understanding of His will.
I'm so proud of how those two young lives are absolutely changing that face of my town, Tennessee, and now, as MSNBC is covering their story, the nation with their stories! The family wishes to focus on the fact that both of the boys lived their lives for Jesus instead of the tragedy in hopes that others will be exposed to the gospel and accept Him as their own Savior! How powerful!
As a friend said, "God is good, all the time and the faith of two young boys and their families can cause mountains to move and hearts to confess."

Praying for the Winsteads and the Lynams. Noah and Nate, you will never be forgotten. 

Please forgive the lack of posting that is to come.
Preparing myself for the weekend, where about me and 5 or 6 of my friends will be the epitome of a camp "counselors" for the children that knew Nate and Noah so well. Prayers would be appreciated.


Allyson Butler said...

What an incredible picture of y'all's faith! Lots of prayers for your church family!

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