Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I recently won a giveaway on another blog for a $150 gift credit to Threadsense. I've been drooling over this site for a couple months now, but now I actually get to play on someone else's dime (that's always nice)! 
I wore the dress on Saturday night, Logan and I are celebrated our third anniversary with a trip to Asheville, NC.

Speaking of shopping. I made a life-altering decision this weekend. You may have seen it on Twitter...
But I still have some gift card left for Threadsense, and I've earned lots of free jewelry I need to pick out with Stella & Dot. I'll be fine... right?

Okay. Plain and simple- I need this. Like seriously? How perfect is this. Stylish and not too tacky-festive. It's sold out right now, but... if it comes back- am I willing to go ahead and break my rule? A week in- I'm no good at this!

I discovered one of the best blogs- ever. I don't know if I should be proud or ashamed of the next comment, but like always, I'll say it anyway...
I've read every post :) 
That's what you get when you're bored on a Saturday.

I'm off to work. Can't wait for it to be over. It's PLL night ;)



Andrea {blonde ambitions} said...

Love that black dress!! It looks great on you!

Stesha said...

you are so cute! I love that black dress, good job on the not shopping, and i checked out that blog, I LOVE IT TOO!!!! Thanks for sharing your obsessions miss!!


Michelle said...

Super cute!

Cara said...

LOVE that dress on you!!! (More than on the model!) xoxo

Blue Dog Belle said...

That dress is gorgeous! and I'm with you on the spending freeze. I think blogging exposes you to more "must have" items than the average girl... dangerous for the bank account.

BUT you should totally come by my blog and enter my new rouge and co giveaway!

xoxo, Emily

Aspiring Kennedy said...

You set an ambitious goal with no fun spending, but I'm glad you found a few loopholes around it and ended up with a fabulous dress! Whether or not you end up sticking with your goal, we will not think any less of you.

chrissy said...

that dress is a stunner. and so are you! =)

Allyson Butler said...

That dress is incredible!

Brooke said...

Love that dress! What a flattering color. And winning giveaways is definitely one of the huge perks of blogging. As in, I love them to death haha.

I'm your newest follower :)