Friday, November 18, 2011

Up, up, and away!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to update y'all a little bit today on what's going on around my neck of the woods!
-Momma and I left this morning for our little getaway! My first plane ride... it was interesting. Almost don't like that I have to get back on a flight to come home {Not too fond of flying... I guess I wasn't a bird in any of my past lives}
I plan on taking lots and lots of pictures to share with y'all!

-Wishing big-little brother good luck this weekend. He is taking part in a
huge huge huge deal choir concert. {I know he'll do great, no luck needed}

-Also, Logan {boyfriend} and my little-little brother are traveling this weekend to Beta club convention {Logan to chaperone with the school he works at and brother is going with his school} Praying for safe travels and lots of fun for them.

-Oh and I've been posting {here} and {here} this week. Go check it out!

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Erin said...

Hope you are having such a fun time girl! Love this picture of you beautiful ladies!