Monday, November 28, 2011

Busting Fashion Myths>> White After Labor Day

Who said black couldn't be worn with blue? And who said that horizontal stripes make you look heavy? And what about the real dummy that said that we aren't allowed to wear white after Labor day? Seriously?!
Well today, I'm starting a new segment to prove all those stupid rules to be lies!
First up...
Okay... I've always ignored this rule, but I've heard of some people that really obey it like the law. 
So ridiculous, if you ask me...
and you are :)
Chanel, Alexander McQueen, and Yves Saint Laurent had "winter white" are covering the runways with this blank, bright, and beautiful shade. Of course, a white linen dress isn't the best decision for those 40-something days. Here are some rules to help you conquer white this winter.

1. Stay away from lightweight fabrics. Like I said before, white linen may not be the best decision for the winter weather, but find your white in a thick knit sweater, or maybe a white fur scarf!
2. Avoid wearing white from head to toe after summer ends. Although your all white outfits may have looked super stylish and fresh in June, no one wants to blend in with the snow! Stand out by balancing out your outfit with a dark wash jean, or maybe a holiday red touch.
3. Try off-white hues. You can still achieve the same bright glory by using similar tones.  A light cream colored coat will provide the same effect in a more subtle way.
4. Accessorize! Adding accessories to your winter white can really help bring your outfit into season. Adding a sparkly belt or a bright scarf can not only pull your outfit together, but stay away from the "I'm wearing summer clothes in the winter" look.
5. Wear it with confidence. Rules or no rules- always know the best way to look good in a trend is to be confident!
Whether it's cream or stark white- I wouldn't be caught dead storing away my whites this holiday season.


Jodi said...

such fun! I dont really wear too much white in general :P never knew that there was a winter white.. now i know!

Erin said...

I love winter white! :) Like the new header girl!

Erika @ Rouge & Whimsy said...

love this post--- and your new header!

lauryn said...

love the combo.
very nice!
{love} lauryn @

Elisabeth said...

love this! winter white is one of my favorites and it i think its totally seasonally appropriate :)

love your blog!
your newest follower,