Tuesday, November 8, 2011

{Hometown Girls: Ivy from A Vintage Girl}

I've really been wanting to do a little segment on my hometown girls that blog... So first up is Ivy! We've grown up together and our moms are BFF. She is a beautiful girl with a vintage heart. So without further adieu...
Hey y’all!  Ivy here from A Vintage Girl.  The lovely Tori asked me to guest post on her blog, and I’m so excited to do it!  Tori and I go way back.  We lived in the same town when we were younger, attended church together and our families have been friends for ages.  I love looking at blogs, and when I found out that Tori had one, I had to check it out, and I’m now a regular visitor.  Love it! 

I didn’t know what I wanted to write about when she asked me at first.  On my blog, I write mostly about cooking, crafts, gardening, the small things in life, etc.  I definitely wanted to write something good, so I decided to focus on a topic that I’ve become very interested in.  

Homemade and homegrown items. I’ve always been interested in them, but it was only until I graduated from college and had a little downtime pre-job that I really focused on this enjoyment of mine.  This summer I took full advantage of the farmers’ market and other fruit and vegetable stands here in my tiny Middle Tennessee town.  I was all about canning, freezing and frying/cooking with my fresh bought food.  Now that the colder season is swiftly approaching and the farmers’ markets are packing up for the season, I decided to try my hand at making a homemade cleaner.
This all purpose cleaner I’m speaking of is simple, yet effective.  It only contains a few ingredients: castile soap, washing soda, white vinegar and water.  It left my kitchen counter sparkly and with a fresh peppermint smell!  The most expensive item I purchased was the castile soap, but it only takes ½ a teaspoon from the huge container.  So, not only will this be beneficial to keeping my house clean and fresh-smelling, it is very cost-effective!  To get my recipe for the all purpose cleaner, go to Macheesmo.  

So, what about you?  Do you have a homemade or homegrown item that you can’t get enough of?  Check out my blog A Vintage Girl to learn more about me and my world of crafting, sewing, cooking, gardening, life and love from a small town girl.  Thanks again, Tori! :)

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Ivy Morgan said...

Thanks again Tori! I'm so excited that I was able to do this! :)

Ivy said...

Thanks again Tori! So happy I got to do this! :)

Jodi said...

lovely guest post.. nice recipe for cleaner.. gonna try that out :)