Friday, July 27, 2012


I'm back from NOLA. Can you say best week of the whole summer?! I loved being able to bond and work with the people that went, some most already great friends of mine. We spent our days painting (and dancing around the room) and spent our nights over-indulging on homemade Louisiana meals. Saturday, we got to go into the French Quarter and play around. I was a smitten kitten.
God was definitely at work all week. I loved the fact that by me serving others, I was the one that was blessed in abundance. To God be the glory!
Louisiana lovin'... I don't know how many secret messages I painted on the walls before the first coat of paint went on. 
We had lunch in this quaint little place. It was super cute and I ate blackened alligator there. I must confess it may just be the best thing I've ever had...
And me and my girlfriends loved us some French Market! 
...And we discovered a cooler full of beads on the way home. Dress-up time while everyone else was asleep! 

Oh. and I got my hair cut.
Don't you just love the overly-spunky duck face? I do.

That's all...
For now.

Logan and I are kicking off our weekend with some time in the mountains- shopping, eating, and just being together. I'm in much need of that lately.



Stesha said...

i love these instas!! looks like fun!


Allie said...

love the duck face haha