Friday, December 9, 2011

what's up>>

The picture below may seem as if me and Chewie have been taking it easy lately... But don't be fooled!
Things are getting a little holiday hectic around my neck of the woods, but I wanted to update y'all with some reasoning for all the silence.
finals. They are coming up. 3 on Monday, 1 on Tuesday, and 1 on Wednesday. Please pray that I'll remember my stuff and that I won't draw blank {a huge fear of mine}. I'm not in the place of my passing or failing an exam will really effect me, but I would still like to ace as many as possible, especially my Physics & Astronomy exam... Please, please, please!! :)

younglife. Finally-- I was placed! I'm officially a Young Life leader at my old high school! Isn't that so neat?! Truthfully, that was one of the schools I was praying to be placed at! God surely does know the desires of our hearts-- Thank you Lord! Can't wait to start some amazing work with such a great organization.
Don't know what Young Life is? You can read about it {here}

christmas. I feel like every time I turn around anymore I have a Christmas party to prepare for, or a gift that arrived in the mail that I need to wrap and put under the tree, or I think of a gift that still needs to be bought/ordered. Shew! I feel like I have so many to buy for this year (well, at least my wallet feel that way...) Oh well-- I love the holidays so much, it's totally worth it, right?!

Well, that's all the excuses I could think of!
What's up in your life? Are you ready for the holidays?
Since you probably won't hear from me until Wednesday... I leave you with a light-hearted video I found this week.



Anna said...

Good luck on your finals! Having a bunch on one day is always killer. :(


Jodi said...

good luck on finals girl! you can do it! :D

Erin said...

Congrats on getting the Young Life placement you wanted!! You'll rock those finals!!

Kylie said...

I'm so not ready for the holidays yet. I love that video though! It speaks to the ballerina in me :)

ginanorma said...

Yay awesome on the YL leadership, and your old HS how cool is THAT?! God will use you bigtime!
cutie post, all around!