Thursday, December 15, 2011

Busting Fashion Myths>> Nice Girls Don't Wear Leather

I'm baaaack!
Finals are over & I can breathe again.
Here is a fashion post just in time for those wonderful holiday parties (that we have nothing to wear for)


It's the attitude. 
The sexy and sleek persona. 
I want it, I know you want it... :)
Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Mrs. Spears can all rock it day in and day out... Why can't we? 
Who says leather is only for the "bad girls"?

Leather can be rocked in everyday attire. It doesn't take one looking like Sandy in the final scenes of Grease to have a good leather look. Take it from these good girl celebs...

Leather is easy! Just think of it as denim (with a little less forgiveness on the hips...) Make it you! Choose a simple leather skirt or dress sans fringes and studs- and rock that thang!

Try this one out... I double dog dare ya! Can't wait to see y'all be rocker chic!


Jamie said...

The pants are a bit much for me but I love a good jacket!

ginanorma said...

haha love this!

lori said...

i love this! my leather jackets are my have!!

April said...

I love the way Reese wears leather! I need a jacket like that!

Carroll's said...

Love the leather pants. Come check my WIWW @