Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I'm exhausted.
I'm constantly running. and, I'm constantly running late, at that.
Home to school. School to job 1. Job 1 to job 2. Job 2 back to school. School to home. Sleep for a couple hours, and repeat.

Times is really getting the best of me, or lack there of.
And just in time for the eerie holiday, I feel like a zombie. Eyes glassed over, and absolutely zero motivation.
I just want to climb to the top of a mountain and scream...
"I can't do all this anymore! I'm growing up and I've got more things that occupy my time."
I feel like I'm being tugged in too many directions.
And I know I'm the reason this is happening... I should've known this was too much.
Can I just not say no? Do they not understand I have a life? You just can't let anyone down, can ya, Tori?
I'm no supergirl. 
And I've got to lighten the load. or I'm going to drown.

This is me. Throwing a pity party? Maybe. Being real. Definitely.


Jodi said...

ugh sounds like you are swamped.. hope you can find a moments peace soon

new follower :)

Gina said...

I can relate so much! It feels like I'm always running too: busy workloads and going back and forth with different things. We just need to find moments to breathe!

I'm a new follower by the way and I really like the name of your blog and how your name fits into it!

xo, gina

KaraBeth said...

New follower! Great blog, love the look of your blog. Awesome pics too!

-- Kara :)